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Internet Services

Fee Based Hosting Providers
Gyges Domain Services, Domain Names, DNS, Blogware, SSL Certs, Hosted Email, etc.
1 and 1 Hosting 1 and 1 login Pingdom
Free Hosting Providers
Yola, free hosting, no banners, Drag-drop Angelfire, 20MB, choice of pop-up or inline banner, FTP access. Login
DotEasy, free 100MB after $35US 1 time fee FREEservers, 50 MB, inline banner ad Killing Popup ads on your free-hosted site
Email Service Providers
Gyges Domain Services Fee-for-services: POP, IMAP, SMTP, WAP, Webmail, 2GB, Anti-spam, Anti-Virus, 25MB Attachments, Own domain, Agro-POP, BLOGware, RSS, Forwarding and more.(This site, my own offering)  (Canadian Site), a free email services directory, single-use email forwards. Firefox Plugin Google Mail Logon Sign Up sign up, includes POP and SMTP, using SSL Hush Mail, offers 1024 bit encription + anonimizer
FidoTel BBS!
Voice over IP (Free VOIP/SIP for Desktop) DellPhone (Free VOIP/SIP for Desktop & handhelds) Distributel & Vonage ($20/month VOIP with ATA)
VBuzzer (VOIP & 416 PC->POTS) ($60/year VOIP with ATA) Magic Jack ($20/year VERY LIMITED VOIP ATA)
JaJah, POTS->VOIP->POTS, NO PC used Sip Phone, Free San Diego VOIP->POTS ipkall, Washington state (Free VOIP)
Spoof Tel (Fee Based ANI control) (Call Origination and Termination) Goto Meeting Free Trial (requires Credit Card)
Free web based fax services
eFax - Free faxing Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong
jConnect Fax and Voice TPC.INT: Send a FAX by E-mail TPC.INT: IDDD Country Codes
Usenet News
What is Usenet? Usenet was created before the World Wide Web and consists of more than 60,000 boards (newsgroups) for discussions, opinions and files about every topic under the sun.
(NNTP free or paid) 50mb free/day, Value added available (the one I use) (NNTP) Specialized Public NNTP News Servers (FAQ) Usenet Newbie how to essay
(FAQ) Open News Servers FAQ's (list), NNTP list directory (list) PULIN (Permanently Updated List Interesting News Servers)
(list) MBCCane's list (list) NNTP List WebRing (list) NetNews-Service Uni-Berlin.DE (in German)
(list) (list) (PAY) Giganews PAY service
IRC and Instant Messaging
Gyges IRC on IRC Host Foonetic Wiki
Yahoo IM Login and Sign Up My.Yahoo Portal, with web interface for Yahoo IM MSN Sign up (without Hotmail) (IM web client) (IM web client) Chatzilla (IRC for Firefox), the original IRC network IRC Help #2600 General, #2600ca for Canada
Pigdin Client, Portable for SMS to Cell Phones, another free SMS Site
Free Shell accounts on OpenBSD Currently offline Register ssh List at
OpenVMS Putty SSH tool, Portable
Open Proxies (IP Anonymity)
SPB from Bob (password required) Code on SF HotSpot Shield (Installable) UltraReach (Installable), wigetize web pages @nonymouse Proxify proxy (list) Web anonymiser (list) CGI Proxy (Web Server Code)
VNC and DNS Forwarding (IP Override & Control) Tight VNC and Ultra VNC DynDNS - free Dynamic DNS Service ZoneEdit, free DNS service and domain management Google DNS Service
Short URL Redirect Services
TinyURL, Billions of hits/month Short URL, since 1999
Free or Ad Supported limited PPP access
Toronto Freenet (14 min./day free. This is a not-for-profit)
Dial Up: 647-477-1477, or Telnet, login: guest
Net Zero, 10 hours free/month, Ad supported, requires their ad client on your PC
Juno, same as Net Zero
Fee for Service PPP services (Canadian Site) Toronto Freenet (dsl or dial up) (Canadian Site)
Dial Up: 647-477-1477 Dial up, includes NNTP. Tech: 1-866-767-2454, Dial up: 4168480008 (Canadian Site)
Web Based large file transfer
You Send It, 1gb Send this file, 2gb, must sign up Share Big File, 1gb, 4 reciepients
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Application Downloads

No Nags TUCOWS Portable Apps
Wuarchive, K-12 outreach, plus computer downloads Simtel by FTP Final Builds Downloads

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