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New Advent Catholic Website Aquinas' Summary of Theology (Summa Theologica) The Fathers of the Church
The Catholic Encyclopedia The Bible Gateway Plato's Timaeus, the basis for Christian theology and metaphysics in the Summary of Theology
Paul Spade's web page on Mediæval logic and Philosophy Paul Spade's web link page Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Schaff, Philip, History of the Christian Church., 1910 ed. (On CCEL) The Franciscan experience... since 1182 Vatican Official Site
The Jefferson Bible And Adam knew Eve Adam and Eve Archive
Adam and Eve Archive-Synopsis of Genesis 1-3 Early Church History Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
Una Voce: Supporting and promoting the Tridentine Latin Mass Traditio, A Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Site Catechism of the Catholic Church (including corrections promulgated by Pope John Paul II on 8 September 1997)
Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi (Catholic) Holy Father's Message on Creation The "Dominus Iesus" Declaration (2000-08-06)
The Sacred College of Cardinals (Catholic Historical Website) Martin Marprelate Contraversy Martin Marprelate
Quelle, the Gospel of Q (source for Mark and Luke) Differences between Gospel of John and Synoptic Gospels The Five Gospels Parallels (Analysis by John W. Marshall)
Suggested biblical translation errors Apocryphal addition (forgeries) in Gospel of Mark Questions on completeness of Gospel of Mark
Review of similarities between Jesus and pre-Christian Gods Varieties of Biblicam Mariage OCRT Article 9 Circles of Hell
Christian Gnosticism The Nag Hammadi Library The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition Apocrypha page Hillel and Jesus Gospel of Thomas (link farm with links to Amazon Books)
Gospel of Jesus' wife (fragment) Gospel of Judah (analysis) Infancy Gospel of Thomas
Mysticism (Christian and others)
Reference material on alchemy. Library of Hermetic Philosophy
Neo-Paganism and Earth Centered Spirituality
Blessed Be, Neo-Pagan group in Mississauga Coven (Canadian Site) Mirror Bulfinch's Mythology Celtic Mythology
FAQ about Neopaganism The Witches' Voice ( The Wiccan Church of Canada (Canadian Site)
Stone Pages, European Megaliths Encyclopedia Mythica
  Principia Discordia The Church of the SubGenius!
International Muslims Organization of Toronto (Canadian Site) Islam Online
Prophet Muhammad's promise to Christians The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World
My Holy (Real Audio) Salafi Publication (dialogues for people with different backgrouns) Palestinian National Authority
The Qumran Library: the dead sea scrolls Torah on the Information Superhighway A Page from the Babylonian Talmud (Canadian Site)
Israel Gov't gateway Biblical Studies and Early Judaism How to Create a Golem From the Comfort of Home (humour)
Eastern Traditions
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library The Hindu Universe Baisakhi 1999, a humble tribute on the tercentenary birth anniversary of the Khalsa.
Other Philosophies
Michael Shermer: Baloney Detection Kit Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


Canadian and General History
Canada's History Television network (Canadian Site) US History (History Channel) Dief the Thief, Destroyer of the Avro Arrow (Canadian Site)
'As We May Think' by Vannevar Bush. Essay originally published in the July 1945 issue of The Atlantic Monthly
Historical Text Online UK Primary Documents English Legal history
British Monarchy ( Heraldry Society of Canada  (Canadian Site) Tempus Peregrinator's Little Heraldry Book (Canadian Site)
Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions The Orders of St John The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Mediæval History and philosophy
On-line Reference Book for Mediæval Studies (NYU) Mediæval Sourcebook (Fordham Jesuit University, NY) Renaisance Editions
English Printed Works Between the Years 1477 and 1799
Paul Spade's web page on Mediæval logic and Philosophy The Online Mediæval and Classical Library (sunsite.berleley) Battle of 1066. Nice site, but very graphic intensive
The Labyrinth: Resources for Mediæval Studies (Sponsored by Georgetown University) The Labyrinth: Mediæval Databases NetSERF, the Internet connection for Mediæval resources
MSU Medieval History U of T Center for Mediaeval Studies Heroic Age, an online journal of Early Medieval Europe (Canadian Site)
Elizabethan Renaissance Page A Compendium of Common Knowledge (1558-1603) Mediæval resources from
Mediæal Dance Macabre PBS-NOVA special on the Vikings Meditrad, Mediaeval and Renaissance songs
Writing the Medieval Missive Epistolae, Mediæval Women's Letters Mediæval Letter Writing
Renaissance Dance Resources
Renaissance Dance (Canadian Site) Joy and Jealousy: A Manual of 15th Century Italian Balli SCA Arts and Science Home Page
Arena, 1538 (BNF) How to dress for dancing, 1530 How to impress girls at dance, 1530
Orchesography, 1589 (LOC) Rosina's Dance Page (Canadian Site) Dance Manuals via Library of congress 'American Memory' Project
Del's Dance Book Greg Lindahl's Rendance page Joseph Casazza's Renaissance Dance Sources
Il Leoncello - Scuola e Gruppo di Danza Storica Societa di danza (.it) Notes on the Gresley Dance Collection
The Sheet Music List (Eric Praetzel) (Canadian Site) Eric's SCA Dance & Music Page (Canadian Site) Saltatoris Dance Guild
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society English Country Dance in Toronto (Canadian Site) Paige Whitley-Bauguess--Baroque Dance
Personal collection of PDF dance manuals. Please contact me for access Ian Engle's Dance Notes and Journal Petrucci Music Library Renaissance Page
c16 Italian Steps I (M Railing) c16 Italian Steps II (M. Railing) Mary Railing's Youtube Channel
Il Papa Uploads from Darius the Dancer
Mediæval and Renaissance Cooking
Culinary History .org The Food Timeline Coriadoc's Miscelany (link farm)
Monumenta Culinaria et Diaetetica Historica A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye (mid-16th c.) Medieval & Renaissance Mediterranean Cookery
Two fifteenth-century cookery-books at Le Viandier de Taillevent Alternate link Mediaeval Dutch (Facing Page) Intro
Medieval and Renaissance Cooking Home Page (Greg Lindhal) The Forme of Cury Le Menagier de Paris
a boke of gode cookery Take a Thoulsand Eggs (link farm) Martha Carlin, PhD. (link farm)
Medieval Recipies from (en français) Medieval
Other Historical or Humourous Cooking Sites
AfroCulinaria The History of the Kitchen Caker Cooking
Apicius, Libri coquinaria Doughboy (WW I) Cooking
Mediæval and Renaissance Costume
Dame Helen Jones, Archeological Survey of Sewing Tudor Links
Elizabethan Queen Elizabeth 1st's Wardrobe Uploaded Houpelades (SCA Lochac)
T-tunic - the period way Tunics and Houppelandes Cynthia Virtue's costume articles
The Renaissance Taylor (Freyle, Alcega, etc) The Herjolfsnes Artifacts Footwear in the middle ages (Marc Carlson)
Costume (SCA Jehanne de Huguenin) C16th Flemish Market Woman's Costume (SCA Elizabeth Braidwood) Corset under $20 (archived)
By My Measure, Charlotte Johnson costuming By my measure: Draping a Gothic fitted dress
Reconstructing History (Retailer) Tudor Taylor (Retailer) Medieval Design (Retailer) .
Other Sewing Links
Vera Venus, WWII Vintage Underwear sewing - inc. clasic boxers so-sew-easy free patterns Pattern Burda Free 1950s Petticoat Hanty Pantie
European Historical Hand to Hand Combat
FIORE DEI LIBERI Fiore Dei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum Flos Duellatorum
The Exiles Fiore Project The Exiles, Western Martial Artists Le site des Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens
So, you want to make your own armour? Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (Canadian Site) Personal collection of PDF fencing manuals. Please contact me for access


Library Links
Richmond BC Public Library (Canadian Site) Great thinkers National Library of Canada (Canadian Site)
American Memory on US Library of Congres News (US Centric, some world) Dewey Browse
Biblioteque nationale de France British Public Library
Museum and Gallery Links
Canada's Virutal Museum (Canadian Site) National Gallery of Canada/
Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (Canadian Site)
Art Gallery of Ontario (Canadian Site)
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (.fr) Los Angeles County Museum of Art The Louvre On Line
WTF Art History   Web Gallery of Art
Bibliodyssey (Blog of Illuminated MS.) Web Museum Index The Smithsonian Institution
World of Escher Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum. Sistine Chapel
Insomnia Gallery Cambridge Museum of Science and Technology Wide Arts Resources
NY Metropolitan Museum,   NY Museum of Modern Art (MOMA),   NY Guggenheim,  
NY American Museum of Natural History Museum of BAD art Gallery Museum of Depressionist Art

Cultures of the World

General Philosophy Resources

On line texts and other light reading

Gutenberg Project (main site) Wikipedia Open Source Web Encyclopedia Perseus Digital Library
University of Virginia Electronic Text Center Text Book Revolution WWW Virtual Library
The Univeral Library (CMU) CMU Libraries SCA Books online (pre-1600 online books)
Gallica (Biblioteque Nationalle de France) Baen Free Library 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
Canadian (Canadian Site) Mark Twain quotes
Grimm's Fairy Tales (CMU) On Line Books (U Penn) Banned Books (U Penn)
On Line book page COMPLETE LIST BY TITLE (U Penn) HUMBUL Humanities Hub (Oxford) Oxford Text Archive (requires Java)
Carrie, a virtual library   Literature World (Multilingual E-texts)
Decameron Web Athena, textes virtuel français Golden Legend, Inc. (rare books and fine prints)
Early Modern English Dictionaries Database Search Utility (Canadian Site) T E X T F I L E S -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms Children's Literature (uCalgary) (Canadian Site) Cliche Finder
Wiretap Area Library Wiretap, coke formula Wiretap, Atheism

Grammar and Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus Roger's Thesaurus, rare, cool, and unusual words The semantic rhyming dictionary English from a Britsh viewpoint
Buzz MBA Jargon Watch The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary
Academic Support (Nipissing U) (Canadian Site) The Word Detective Word Spy
WAPedia, mobile encyclopedia, Quotations, Enyclopedia, Anatomy, 100s more Online Etymologies Dictionary
Research it (dictionaries, conjugators, various resources, very comprehensive site of references Translation-Guide Latin to English
Google Translations (1800 words)  
Technical Terminology (this site) Grand Dictionaire Terminologique (QC) (Canadian Site) Free Online Courses from MIT

Popular Culture

Society for Creative Anachronism and other 'History Theme Clubs'
Society for Creative Anachronism Newcomer Page SCA Corporate home page The Kingdom of Ealdormere, the Ontario Kingdom of the SCA (Canadian Site)
The Barony of Septentria, the GTA branch of the SCA (Canadian Site) The Royal Citie of Eoforwic, Toronto SCA Group (Canadian Site) Canton of Vest Yorvik (Halton-Peel branch (Canadian Site)
The Middle Kingdom (Midwest US) East Kingdom (Eastern Canada & North Eastern US Aethelmarc (Western NY & PA)
St Valentines Day event, National Post Article (Canadian Site) Mediaeval Warriors, Voice of America Video In Service to the Dream, documentary trailer
Crispin Sexi's Home Page Greg Lindahl's home page SCA Arts and Science Home Page (hosted by Greg Lindahl)
Eric Praetzel home page  (Canadian Site) Cariadoc's Miscellany, a collection of articles and recipes with a mediaeval theme. the Dark Ages Re-creation Company (Viking) (Darrell Markewitz) (Canadian Site)
Primitive Ways, a prehistoric interest group Regia Anglorum, Anglo-Saxon, Living History (Canadian Site) The Tudor Group
Personal collection of PDF costuming resources. Please contact me for access La SHIM, Histoire du Canada français (Canadian Site) The Kingdom of Acre
Misc arts and crafts (modern, but handy for living history)
Soapmaking Calculator Nortel Manufacturing (Lampwork Breads) BeadFX
Stories, Music and Lyrics
Pink Floyd RoIO Database Homepage 20,000 German and other Folksongs - Scouting and Guiding Songs
Songs of the Sea, Sea Chantys, work songs of seamen. SWIL FilkBook
Fairy Tale Resources Grimm's Fairy Tales Contemplations from the Marianas Trench (Folklore)
Petrucci Music Library Petrucci Mediaeval Page Petrucci Renaissance Page
Early Music Chicago Choral Wiki


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